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 Achieve Ketosis With A Little Help From Keto-OS

 As a follower of the ketogenic diet, you know the magic happens when you’ve reached ketosis and ketones are flowing throughout your body. But what do you do when you can’t quite reach that perfect state? How will you lose weight? The answer lies in a supplement.

Starting A Ketogenic Diet

The idea behind the ketogenic diet is that you want your body to start burning fat for fuel instead of its regular standby, glucose. To do this, you have to train your body to turn to fat when its “hungry”: you can achieve this by eliminating carbs from your diet and upping your fat intake.

A ketogenic diet is like no other because you won’t find one that actively suggests you consume 75% of your daily calories from fat and only 5% from carbohydrates. Even Atkins, which is known as the Low Carb Diet and is often confused with a ketogenic diet, places a greater focus on consuming protein and minimizing fat intake.

Reaching Ketosischocolate keto

The goal of the ketogenic diet is to reach a state called ketosis. During this process, your body has no glucose to feed off of, so it switches to fat. It starts by working through the fat that you eat, and when that is gone, it turns to your fat reserves. Very quickly, your body will burn through your excess fat, helping you to quickly and easily lose weight.

For most people, ketosis can be reached in 36 to 72 hours. It’s a fairly easy thing to do because all your body has to do is exhaust its supply of glucose and turn to fat.

What is really important is the level of ketosis that you need to maintain. In order to effectively burn fat and lose weight, you must have the right level of ketones flowing through your body. It’s when you fall short that you’ll see disappointing results.

Using A Supplement to Up Your Ketones Level

There are a variety of reasons for why you might not be seeing satisfactory ketone levels. One of the most common is that you are still consuming too many carbs. This means that your body has to first work its way through that fuel before it can start on the fuel that you are trying to eliminate.

By incorporating a supplement like Keto-OS into your diet, you can quickly raise your ketone levels so that you can reach the optimal state of ketosis. Keto OS, in particular, promises to raise your ketone levels in under an hour. This fast-working product can get you in the right state fast so that you can start burning off that unwanted fat.

How To Test Your Ketone Levels

Manufacturers can claim anything, and many do. So how do you know which products you can trust? How do you know if they are really doing what they say they’re doing, especially when most supplements suggest that you wait 8, 12 or even 24 weeks before you see results?

When it comes to Keto-OS, you don’t have to wait to see results. As advertised, they promise that your ketone levels will go up within an hour. How do you test this claim? Easy! You use ketone sticks, which are readily available without a prescription at nearly any pharmacy.

Typically used by diabetics to monitor their ketone levels (because they are at risk for developing a dangerous condition called ketoacidosis – which should NOT be confused with ketosis), these small, easy-to-use sticks gauge the level of ketones in your body by measuring what is dispelled in your urine.

Using a keto-stick is extremely easy. Women who have taken a pregnancy test will know exactly what to do. To use one, simply hold the indicated end under a stream of urine. Some tests claim that these delicate acids can be washed away even from the flow of urine, so they suggest that you instead dip them in a cup.

Within seconds, the end of the strip will change color. You then compare the final result to the scale provided to determine what your current ketone levels are. To reassure yourself that Keto-OS is working as it should, test yourself before taking the supplement and then again after taking it, compare the two.



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