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Building Muscle Efficiently: Beta-Hydroxybutyrate

The problem isn’t building muscle; the problem is keeping muscle. If you are an athlete with lean muscle mass goals, you understand this problem all too well. Weeks of gains in the gym can be undone with a few days off.

This phenomenon is known as protein breakdown, which is actually a result of exercise. Intense anaerobic training can cause microscopic tears in muscle fibers. The body usually repairs and builds on the existing muscle to make it stronger, but it will also break down some of that muscle for fuel.

You can prevent this muscle breakdown through various methods, but one of the most important factors for creating lean, large muscles is the use of a beta-hydroxybutyrate supplement.


Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, or hydroxybutyric acid is one of the three ketone bodies that are produced by the liver when it breaks down fatty acids. It is mainly used for cellular fuel in the absence of glucose. Many individuals have begun utilizing ketone bodies as their main source of cellular fuel by adopting what is known as a nutritional ketosis diet.

By consuming high amounts of fat, moderate amounts of protein, and virtually no carbohydrates, you can put your body into a state of ketosis that can burn off excess fat and provide you with large amounts of energy.*

The problem with adopting a nutritional ketosis diet is that this extreme nutritional profile can provide drawbacks for the elite athlete. In order to get the benefits without having to adopt the diet, athletes can supplement their daily diet with Beta-Hydroxybutyrate supplements such as Keto-OS.*

Benefits of Ketosis

Using a ketone body supplement properly can create a state which is known as ‘optimum ketosis’ in the body. In this state there are adequate levels of ketone bodies in the blood to create ketosis without causing the blood to become overly acidic.

When ketosis is achieved, the evidence supports that the body will change its fuel selection from glucose to ketone bodies, like beta-hydroxybutyrate. When the body burns ketones for fuel, the muscle tissue and blood glucose are spared.

Not only does this mean you will maintain your blood sugar levels for longer, this means that your body will be less likely to catabolize your muscle mass for energy. This way you can keep your gains during recovery phases and periods of lower anaerobic activity.

Finding a Beta-Hydroxybutyrate SupplementPruvit Get Better

As with many supplements, finding the right one for you and your body’s needs is important. Not every Beta-Hydroxybutyrate supplement does the same thing.

They are also derived from different sources: for instance some come in the form of lab-created Beta-Hydroxybutyrate salts and Ketone Esters found in various natural food produces. Each can have a different effect on your digestive system when consumed, so it is important to pick one that you are compatible with.

When choosing a ketone body supplement, you will also want to consider how quickly you are trying to achieve ketosis and for how long. Do you want to achieve ketosis over the course of a few days and maintain it? Or like many athletes would you like to achieve ketosis in the course of minutes and only stay in the state for the duration of your heavy workout? Both of these goals are achievable with various methods of supplementation.

The best part is these supplements also come in a variety of flavors (unflavored BHB has a very undesirable taste) and can be in a powdered or liquid state.

For the first time user, Keto//OS by Pruvit is an easy and effective way to achieve and maintain ketosis.*

Testing the blood for Beta Hydroxybutyrate Levels

In order to make sure your body has achieved optimum ketosis it is important to monitor your ketone levels. This way you cam hit your goals without overshooting them and causing a dangerous rise of blood acidity. This testing can be done at home in a few ways.

One of the easiest methods to test the Beta-Hydroxybutyrate levels in your urine involves the use of dip sticks. They will change color depending on the range of ketone levels in your blood. This is a cheap and handy method, but it can be remarkably inaccurate if your goals aren’t best served by hitting a target range. For more precise measurement, you can look at blood testing kits on the market which are more costly but extremely reliable at giving accurate readings.

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