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Is Coconut Oil Right for You? MCT Oil and Coconut Allergy

If you are looking for tips and tricks on losing weight and boosting energy, pay attention to what elite athletes are doing. Their dietary habits are often some of the best in the world because they are based on the scientific research and recommendations of athletic nutritionists and other wellness professionals. And the new trend with athletes everywhere is the integration of coconut oil into their meals.

Athletes and their trainers swear by the boosting properties of coconut. It is available in many different forms: coconut edibles, coconut drinks, and the popular coconut oil. In addition to being a superfood, coconut is the source of healthy fat that can curb appetite and boost energy levels while helping your body burn fat.

The problem is that some people experience an allergic reaction to the coconut. Luckily you can still get the benefits of coconut with the pure MCT extracted from the fruit. By substituting pure MCT oil, coconut allergy problems can also be eliminated.

Coconut Oil

Pruvit NutritionCoconut Oil is a nutrient-rich alternative to animal fats. Nutritionists love it for weight loss for many reasons, the main being because it is full of MCT. Simply put, MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides. These naturally occurring triglycerides are shorter than the more common long chain triglycerides that the body is designed to break down and store.

When the MCT is consumed it bypasses most of the digestive system because it is already ‘pre-digested’. This supercharged molecule is sent straight to the liver where it is broken down into ketones, ATP and other forms of fuel which is then transported to the cells for use. Studies in animals have shown that this form of fat is less likely to be stored in the fat cells because of its shorter composition.

This means that MCT provides an abundance of energy without having any MCT stored as fat! This can be a great way to add dietary fats to your daily caloric intake without worrying about adding on pounds of body fat. Because it occurs naturally in coconut oil, the traditional way to get MCT is to add coconut oil to your diet.

But don’t be confused: MCT Oil and Coconut Oil are not the same. They have some differences that make one more desirable than the other, depending on what your needs are.

MCT Oil Vs. Coconut Oil

Say you are really interested in adding this superfood to your diet, but you are allergic to coconut. By taking the oil and distilling out everything but the MCT, you get pure MCT oil that provides little to no coconut from the original product.

Allergies tend to be triggered by the proteins in the coconut oil, so by distilling the MCT you get only the quality fats from the original coconut oil.

So now you have a choice between the unadulterated coconut oil and the highly purified MCT. How do you know which product is right for you and your diet?


  • MCT Oil is pure and free of any other nutrients other than fats. This is perfect for people with the coconut allergy, but also for the large group of people who do not care for coconut. Because it is pure MCT, it absorbs faster into the bloodstream than conventional coconut oil. Lab purified MCT oil also ensures that the different levels of each kind of medium chain triglycerides is the perfect ratio for consumption, making it more potent and effective.
  • Coconut Oil is a tasty, vegan fat that can be used in many ways in cooking. Aside from adding a tropical flavor to your food, coconut oil provides vitamins and other essentials that promote healthy skin and nails. If you have no intolerance for this superfood, it is a great addition to any diet, and tends to be easier on your digestive system than the pure MCT oil.


Integrating MCT oil and Coconut oil into your diet can be easier than you think! Athletes swear by taking their MCT oil or coconut oil in coffee. Simply stir a serving of oil into your warm coffee and enjoy. MCT oil will have little to no flavor, but the coconut oil can add a tropical fruit flavor to your favorite morning brew.

Coconut oil can replace butter or other vegetable oils as a medium for frying your favorite foods. It can also be used as an oil and lard substitute in vegan baked goods. The possibilities are simply endless! Add MCT oil or coconut oil to your foods and enhance your body’s fat burning potential! It doesn’t get any easier than this.

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