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Prüvit Keto call with Dr. Jacob Wilson

Have a listen to this very enlightening Prüvit Keto call with Dr. Jacob Wilson. If you know of anyone who could benefit from the ketogenic lifestyle, share this with them! “The biggest thing is health and longevity. The ketogenic lifestyle and keto//os lifestyle is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself. There are so many different health benefits we are seeing, it’s like where do I even begin.”

Listen to a full replay here:

Keto-OS is a revolutionary new system for weight loss that uses your body’s natural function of burning ketones for energy and maximizing how the human body uses that energy. It’s a lot more effective than your body burning up its glucose supply and a lot faster in delivering the right kind of energy. Using the system revs up the body’s natural fat burning process, which gives better sustained energy which can be used to fuel an active lifestyle and meticulous workouts. Ketones are usually only used by the body as emergency energy during times of fasting and scarcity, so the Keto- OS system is an alternative way of getting the nutritional and weight loss benefits of ketosis without having to skip meals.

Keto-OS is part of the new Keto lifestyle, which incorporates an exogenous ketone drink that can be mixed into water and taken with or without water. When paired with a healthy lifestyle and diet, the ketone drink allows your body to get the most nutrients out of your food, which increases the likelihood of cell regeneration. It also gives way to better protein synthesis when using up your body’s energy and increased digestive health that continues to improve as you continue to use the Keto-OS system.

The system comes in various sets of powders that come in individual sample packages or large tubs. Use them regularly and take the idea of a healthy lifestyle into the 21st century with burning ketones.

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