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Prüvit Phase II rollout incoming!

We have three BIG announcements for you today…

1)  Be Better with our new Public Preview website – Details of the reveal will be announced on today’s call (refer below).

As you know, we are entering Phase II of the Prüvit rollout sequence, and we will be going live with personalized pruvitnow customer portals. These websites will be set up for social commerce and will allow you to promote Prüvit and KETO//OS to a wider audience.

We will host the first Prüvit HQ company conference call today, Sept. 1st at 12:00 noon Central Time for a state of play and details about the kick off of Phase II.  Join in on the call with us.  Here’s the call in recorded format for your convenience:

2)  Be Better with our new Phase II Promotion:

We’ve got an exciting new promotion to announce today…the first phase was to create experiences; now it is time to accelerate the awareness, implement the sharing economy and reward you for the Ripple that you create around the world with this Disruptive Technology.  Just wait until you see what we have planned next. 🙂  Remember, you never know how far you can go unless you Run!

3)  Be Better with our VIP program — Now open for one more week!

The response to our VIP program has far exceeded our expectations.  In fact, many VIPs have asked if we could extend the program for a few more days.  Collaboration is currency today, and we know that it is invaluable to listen to you and give all of the VIP’s the ability to give their audiences the chance to capture the benefits of being a VIP Prüver.

Well… we’re doing BETTER.  For current VIPs only…you can enroll new VIPs through Midnight Central Sunday, Sept 6.

This gives you a full week to bring in those very important people, build strong teams and continue getting the KETO//OS message out to the world.

Remember, the benefits of getting in as a VIP are HUGE:

a.  Automatic Level-UP to leadership Rank 5 for your first year
b.  Accelerated “GO FAST” Bonus for the first 4 weeks
c.  VIP seating at all Prüvit events & Lifestyle getaways
d.  Private Preview & Tasting of future Prüvit Products
e.  PQV Carried over from Phase 1 preview

You can continue using the same VIP invites in your cloud backoffice as before.  VIP enrollment will end at midnight on Sunday, Sept 6.

Not a Prüver yet? Join us by signing up as a VIP click herePruvit VIP

Prüvit Team

P.S.  We will send you more information about the new promotion this afternoon…make sure you whitelist our email so you don’t miss a thing.

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